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Site of New TTC Exhibition Streetcar Loop Officially Open

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Site of New TTC Exhibition Streetcar Loop Officially Open

         TORONTO, June 14 /CNW/ - TTC's newest streetcar loop - and one
of its oldest - will open officially, Saturday June 15, when a
historic Peter Witt streetcar takes the first official ride from the
new Exhibition Loop.
         Originally opened in 1916, the TTC will re-open the Exhibition
Streetcar Loop at its new location north of the Coliseum Building at
New Brunswick Way at 10:30 a.m. Re-located to accommodate
construction of the National Trade Centre, the new streetcar loop
will provide easier access for the 60,000 riders who use transit to
travel to major events at Exhibition Place, Ontario Place and
eventually the National Trade Centre.
         TTC Chair Paul Christie, with Metro Chair Alan Tonks and Metro
Councillor Joe Pantalone, Chair - Board of Governors, Exhibition
Place, will unveil a ceremonial plaque which will later be mounted at
the site of the new loop. Toronto historian and author Mike Filey
will recall the history of the Exhibition Streetcar Loop.
         Representatives from the Canadian National Exhibition, Ontario
Place, National Trade Centre and Royal Winter Fair will cut a ribbon
marking the official opening of the new Exhibition Loop. Chair
Christie will then invite all guests to board the Peter Witt
streetcar for the first official streetcar ride from the new
Exhibition Loop, to the Lighthouse a few minutes away, and back to
the Loop.
         The Exhibition Streetcar Loop opens for revenue service on
Sunday June 16.
                             PHOTO OP
         Who:       TTC chair Paul Christie, Metro Chair Alan Tonks,
                    Metro Councillor Joe Pantalone, representatives from
                    Canadian National Exhibition, Ontario Place, National
                    Trade Centre and Royal Winter Fair.
         What:      Official opening of TTC Exhibition Streetcar Loop at
                    its new location.
         Where:     New Exhibition Streetcar Loop, north of Coliseum
                    Building at New Brunswick Way.
         When:      10:30 a.m. Saturday, June 15, 1996.
                         Exhibition Streetcar Loop
                           Background Facts
         Friday, August 26, 1916    The new eastern streetcar entrance to
                              the Exhibition Grounds was formally
                              opened. The Telegram newspaper
                              reported ``the new route will bring
                              the Exhibition within easy reach of
                              the business district, and will be a
                              great convenience to visitors coming
                              off or going to the boats and
         Saturday, June 15, 1996    The replacement Exhibition Loop, the
                              eastern streetcar entrance to
                              Exhibition Place and the Coliseum
                              Building, re-opens almost 80 years
                              after the first loop opened.
            The replacement Exhibition Loop is located on the north side
            of Manitoba Drive, near the GO Station and under the Gardiner
            Expressway. It is at the top - the north end - of New
            Brunswick Way which runs between the Horse Palace and the
            National Trade Centre. The entrance to the Loop is near New
            Brunswick Way and Manitoba Drive.
         +  The loop relocation was necessitated by the construction of
            the National
 Trade Centre, which will be built on the site of
            the former streetcar loop.
         +  The 511 Bathurst Streetcar and the 310 Bathurst Blue Night
            Streetcar Service loops at the Exhibition Loop year-round.
            During major events 521 Exhibition East streetcars -
            from King and St. Andrew Stations - and express buses use
            the loop.
         +  for speedier service, passengers are unloaded at one platform
            while streetcars are simultaneously loaded at another
            platform. The customer area is fare-prepaid.
         +  16 articulated streetcars (ALRVs) and 30 buses can be stored
            in the loop to handle large crowds following major events.
            Up to 60,000 transit customer-trips begin or end at the loop
            on busy days. Up to 6,500 customer-trips occur in the busiest
         +  Without this transit service, about 12,000 additional car
            park spaces would be required in this area.
         +  Work involving the relocation of the loop was completed in
            time for the busy summer period at Exhibition Place and
            Ontario Place.
         Cost: Project Approval $14.5 million
               Estimated Final Cost $12.3 million
               Budget Variance ($2.2 million)
         Length: 1 km
         Project Milestones:
                Environmental Assessment Exemption Order May 1995
                Start of Trackbed Construction September 1995
                Completion of Trackbed Construction February 1996
                Start of Track Installation March 1996
                Revenue Service June 16, 1996
For further information: Marilyn Bolton, Media Relations, Public Affairs,
(416) 393-3741
09:23e 14-JUN-96

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