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Hey folks, I bet you're

Hey folks, I bet you’re all glad we’re finally back. It’s been a long haul but we are finally done, and we hope that this site now serves your needs better than before.

During the downtime, I ran a little contest on here called “Name That Station”. Since then, I have made a temporary move to Halifax (more on that in a moment) and I foolishly left all of the images as well as all of your emails on my computer in Toronto. Since I am here for 5 months, you will not see those photos again until Iget back at which time we will all have forgotten about the whole thing. I am very truly sorry that a winner cannot be declared, nor can I describe each of the photos to give insight on the correct answers. I will make it up to you all somehow…I promise.

Yes, I am in Halifax right now…have been for about a week, just for a change of scenery really. By the end of my stay here we may end up developing a section on Halifax Transit, or you may just see some photos popping up in this web log from time to time. Transit here is kind of boring, but to a transit fan, some things may seem more interesting. Just the other day for example I saw one of Toronto’s old Orion I’s that were sold to Halifax when the TTC retired them. As hard as it is to believe they are still kicking around!

Even though we finally launched, you may see some changes going on here and there as James and I see fit in the coming days or weeks. Also, as always, please forward any suggestions for improvement or errors to either myself or James. Most of the changes that took place to the site are not too noticeable and were supposed to make our lives easier, but if there is anything we can change or add to make things easier for you, please let us know.

This new weblog is a cinch for us to use, so I will end now, and if I think of anything else to tell you folks I’ll write again!

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