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The TTC is growing concerned

The TTC is growing concerned about the upcoming Catholic World Youth Festival scheduled for this summer. As many as 2,000,000 Catholics from around the world, including Pope John Paul II, may be showing up. Few of these individuals are expected to drive. The problem is, the TTC has not gotten details on exactly how many people will be showing up, where they will be going, and who’s going to pay for the additional service.

World Youth spokesperson Paul Kilbertus sounded a little surly when questioned about this. His quote: “They want it now, they want it now, they want it now.” Personally, I understand the TTC’s worry. Organizing the event itself must be a stressful job, but organizing the traffic around the event is going to be just as stressful. And we have known about this event for over a year. Let’s hope the TTC gets the numbers it needs and soon, because right now, it looks like it would take a miracle to avoid several days of extreme traffic headaches.

Then again, this is the Catholic Church we’re talking about. Miracles may be part of the game plan.

The Toronto Star describes all this in a recent article.

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