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Today I received a letter

Today I received a letter from Dave, a fellow Nova Scotia resident:

Hi Aaron, as a frequent visitor to your Transit Toronto site, let me welcome you to Halifax! I am a former Torontonian myself and I hope you enjoy your time here in Halifax.

Also hoping to see some Metro Transit pictures on the site if you could, as far as I know there is next to none on the web anywhere. We have one really unique bus here (as I’m sure you know) in the Classic Artic.

Interesting that you mentioned the ex TTC Orion 1’s we have in service here. Not only are they still kicking around, but they have recently been repainted in Metro Transit’s new colours, indicating to me that they are here to stay for a while. Not really much of a surprise, Metro Transit buses tend to last much longer than TTC buses because they don’t get run into the ground so much. Our last GMC newlooks, produced in 1982, are still running without a rebuild (I think, I may be wrong though)….

I would be delighted to take some pictures and post them here soon, giving everyone an idea of what riding transit in Halifax is like. If there is enough interest I might just open up a section on Halifax Transit sometime in the future.

In the meantime, check out James’ Maritime BAHN Layouts which give a current as well as a historical look on Halifax’s transit system.