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More compliments from our readers.

More compliments from our readers. Nicholas from San Diego writes:

I just wanted to drop you a quick email complimenting you on the transit.toronto website! As a transit and Toronto fan, I have been frustrated by the TTC’s lack of web-available material (I also have no desire to download 1 MB PDF Planning Docs from them). Specifically, it has been a burning question of mine for a long time as to whether there was any thought given to making a TTC-GO node at the new Leslie station. It turns out from a document presumably by Peter Drost, that the answer is yes! I have been living in San Diego for the past year (transit wasteland, although they do have one commuter train line with Canadian-built Bombardier bi-level cars which I take daily, and also an excellent route-planning website, I may have to initiate a website like this for the TTC, on a volunteer basis) but am looking forward to moving back to Toronto this summer and having a half-decent transit system to use!

Keep up the good work and nice to know that someone else is interested in transit issues!

Thanks for writing! More information about GO Train/TTC connections, both existing and proposed, can be found here.

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