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Well, well, well! The Harris

Well, well, well! The Harris Conservatives have loosened the purse strings some more. In addition to their proposed $1 Billion in capital funding to the TTC over the next ten years, and in addition to taking GO Transit off the hands of the GTA and funding it properly, Ontario Transportation Minister Brad Clark announced another $100 million in capital funding for public transit agencies in Ontario for 2002. This money will be spread over 65 municipalities on a per-capita basis, with Toronto getting as much as $62 million and smaller cities as Mississauga and Waterloo Region getting $1.5 to $3 million. That should buy us more than a few buses, and possibly even allow us to rebuild a few streetcars, or get started on Union Station’s second platform.

Great work, guys! And, by all means, DON’T stop there…

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