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Funding Crunch Coming Down to

Funding Crunch Coming Down to the Wire

Despite a federal infusion of up to $80 million which could be announced as early as tomorrow, the TTC will likely decide today to raise fares this year and cut back on service the next. This is because, while the federal funds will go towards desperately needed capital improvements, they don’t cover the day-to-day operations of the TTC. With a reduction in riders, wage increases and an outright refusal by City Council to increase the TTC’s miniscule operating subsidy, the commission faces a $30 million shortfall this year and a $57 million shortfall the next. Service cuts this year are only staved off by using a $23 million one-time reserve fund.

The Toronto Star has extensive coverage of this issue in today’s paper.

To the senior levels of government: the clock is ticking. Either you stop ignoring public transportation or, by 2003, the metaphorical oil that ensures the mobility of your country’s biggest economic engine will start to get rather viscous. Those citizens who wish to help push their politicians into action are invited to consult with the Rocket Riders association.

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