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Interim Trivia There will be

Interim Trivia

There will be no updates of this website this weekend, I’m afraid, as I will be in Montreal attending a cousin’s wedding. This means the trivia questions will get even more stale. So, in the meantime, here’s a quick trivia question to test your knowledge. Answers will be posted tomorrow…


It is the summer of 1966, and you are standing at the corner of Danforth Avenue and Victoria Park. You have to get to Bloor and Islington later that day. The problem is, you have only one TTC ticket, and no money in your pocket. How do you get from Victoria Park and Danforth to Islington and Bloor in this situation? Can you think of the quickest legal route between these two points, using as few transfers as possible?

If you can, e-mail your answer to this e-mail address.

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