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Bye Bye Hillside Wye

Milton Howe reports on the construction going on the Queensway and Lakeshore Boulevard: “There are some sections of rail missing from the eastern portion of the gravel right-of-way on the Queensway. The Parkside Drive overpass — at least the middle, rail section of it — is completely gone, with open air down onto the street.

The rail is all in place right up to Humber loop, which is itself a real mess. Hard to determine what their intentions there are here, as a lot of rail has been ripped up, with no evidence of new rail, ties or switches. It almost looks abandoned. The approach rail from the west through the tunnel is also ripped up, although this area looks closer to being redone.

As for Lakeshore, there are two huge sections being redone, and the work is progressing nicely, with some of it already finished. The TTC has decided not to install switches onto the wye on Hillside Avenue, although it looks like the rail and switch of the wye itself will be left in place for now.”

Work should continue until the end of August, at least.

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