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Thanks to the Sheppard subway

Thanks to the Sheppard subway construction, another transfer-required entrance bites the dust. Effective June 16 (yesterday), you can now transfer between buses at the Sheppard bus terminal and the subway without showing a transfer to a collector.

This was accomplished by building a new collector’s booth and set of turnstiles twenty feet away from the base of the stairs from the Sheppard Centre, and a new automatic entrance Harlandale Avenue entrance (previously, the corridor this entrance opened onto was outside the fare-paid zone, and passengers could pay their fare closer to the station. Those who require the assistance of a collector to enter the subway will now have to enter via the Sheppard Centre. The possibility of adding a manned collector’s booth at this entrance has been left open).

The opening of the Sheppard subway has been pushed back from the Labour Day weekend to an unspecified date in November.

Thanks to Corey Reynolds and Mark Brader for this information.

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