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A major downtown diversion effecting

A major downtown diversion effecting five routes ended the week of July 15 with the reopening of the Queen St. bridge over the Don River. Regular service has resumed in the area on 303 DON MILLS, 301/501 QUEEN, 502 DOWNTOWNER, 503 KINGSTON RD. TRIPPER and 504 KING. More trackwork in the area east of the bridge is expected later this summer.

GO Transit is expecting to open a new station on its Bradford line in the fall to provide service to York University. This would be the first stop on the line to be located in or near Metropolitan Toronto.

Walking around the bus platform of Leslie Station on the yet-to-open Sheppard Subway, there is an unobstructed view, for now, of GO’s Richmond Hill line. Despite a much-touted direct connection between the two lines, there is no evidence that one has been, or will be, built. Signs viewed from the street in the entrance to Leslie Station—the same facility as the bus platform—seem to be directing people to walk down Old Leslie St. to the Oriole GO Station. Does anybody know any different?

Major route diversions will be in effect during World Youth Days celebrations, especially over the weekend of July 27-28, in the downtown core and around Downsview Park, directly effecting bus service to Sheppard, Wilson and Downsview Stns. We’re talking well over a dozen routes. If anyone has any info. on route diversions during this period, I would really like to know what they are.