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Good-bye Tokyo Rose Last week

Good-bye Tokyo Rose

Last week one of the more famous pieces of the TTC’s work fleet was put out for scrapping on the western edge of the Wilson Yard. RT-10, better known to Transit fans as Tokyo Rose, was hauled away on the afternoon of December 7th, destination unknown.

After having spend many months lying in the Davisville yard, Tokyo Rose was moved to Wilson Yard sometime last year. For the last few months, it’s been visible to transit fans passing by on the Spadina line heading for Downsview. It’s been moved around a fair bit, but early last week it was moved to the far western edge of the yard, almost behind the bus garage, along with one of the remaining Gloucester car work trains (couldn’t tell which one, but my guess is RT 14 & 15, the tunnel washers). The track it was on was on a steep incline, much like the one at Davisville where all the H1 cars were taken away.

My dad said he’d seen something odd when driving home on the 401 on Saturday afternoon. A subway car on a flatbed truck. One thing he was sure of, it had round windows. I checked this morning heading into work, and the track in Wilson Yard was empty. The Gloucester cars that had been put out were gone as well.

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