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[1/12/2003] CORRECTION NOTICE: The new

[1/12/2003] CORRECTION NOTICE: The new entrance to the Yonge subway at Queen station will bypass the old entrance passageway. It will open on Feb 3 2003 instead of January 6 2003. Once you go down the escalator, turn left and go into the new passageway. This new passageway will take riders to the fare unpaid area of the northbound platform. The old passageway has been cemented over with a metal vent opening. This new passageway is also wheelchair accessible. There is a new elevator that will take people down to the new passageway as well as the escalator. The old passageway is now classified as abandoned. Also note that the Yonge subway closure north of York Mills station has been extended to Feb 16 2003 between 9 AM and noon on Sundays. There will be shuttle buses between Finch and York Mills stations as well as extra service on route 97 (Yonge) between York Mills and Finch stations. The shuttle buses will only stop at subway stations. Please see (TTC Web site) for updates. Also as of tomorrow (Jan 1 2003: New Years Day) New TTC fares will be effective. Please see above site for more information. Thank you.
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