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There is nothing strange seeing ORION CNG 9402 in service on 29 DUFFERIN. That is one route that CNG buses can operate on without much fear from objects, bridges, etc., possibly puncturing the fuel tank on top of the bus. What WAS strange was seeing 9402 yesterday, spotted by yours truly eastbound on Wilson heading towards the subway, was that the fuel tank on top of the bus WAS NOT THERE!
In fact, at first I thought it was a “regular” Orion. But since all diesel Orions now operate almost exclusively in the east end, and since I clearly saw the number as 9402, I can only conclude that this particular Orion has been converted to diesel to test the feasiblity of doing so to the CNG fleet, or that indeed CNG buses are being converted to diesel during the rebuild process. Either way, this seems to be the final nail in the coffin for future CNG operation in Toronto. Now, if only we could string the trolley wires back up…