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National Post PublicityTo all new

National Post Publicity

To all new readers visiting us from the National Post, welcome. Feel free to look around and enjoy what this site has to offer. And please check back again, as we’re in the process of doing an update, which should fix some of the dated pages you now see.

To older readers who don’t necessarily get the post, today’s edition (January 21, 2003) contains an article about transit buffs. A number of familiar names are mentioned, including this website. I myself am pictured, staring over an HO scale model of a TTC PCC, with a CLRV rollsign behind me.

The article neglects to mention, incidentally, Aaron Adel’s roll in shaping Transit Toronto.

I’m technically the co-owner of Transit Toronto. The website began as the Toronto Subway Page on Aaron Adel’s webserver. The pages looked nice and had some interesting pictures, so I wrote to him and submitted some more. When he posted a brief history of the TTC, I wrote in and submitted more. We encouraged others to submit more. Soon, this thing was out of control, containing over 200Mb of photographs, maps, route histories, etc, etc, etc. It’s an appreciated resource on public transit in Toronto and I’m quite proud of it.

Aaron has since moved on to other things, including his deliciously offbeat The Daily Nonsense, but he has kept an interest in Transit Toronto, and most recently gave me a lot of assistance (assistance? try, he ran the bloody show) in retrofitting the website for ColdFusion. He’s inspired my online activities in a lot of ways. Thanks again, Aaron! We (Christopher Livett, Daniel Garcia, Peter Drost, Sean Marshall, and many others) couldn’t have done this without you.