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New Rocket RouteThe TTC has

New Rocket Route

The TTC has another Rocket route, although you won’t see buses plying it very often. 93 Exhibition West Express, connecting Dufferin Loop at the west end of the Canadian National Exhibition with Dundas West station, has been officially renumbered 193 Exhibition West Rocket. The route operates only when the annual fair was on, and there were reports in the past few years that the service (which replaced 522 Exhibition West streetcars in the late 1980s) was no longer available. The line will be the fifth Rocket route on the system after 190 Scarborough Centre Rocket, 191 Highway 27 Rocket and 192 Airport Rocket and 196 York University Rocket. This may be an indication that the TTC will work harder to promote this service in August 2003.

The change was first noticed by eagle-eyed transit fans spotting new signs at the rebuilt Dundas West station surface route terminal (north side platform, near the 40 Junction bus bay) and confirmed by TTC employees soon thereafter. The changeover officially took place on November 24, 2002 when the terminal reopened, although no 193 buses were running.