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The new entrance to Queen

The new entrance to Queen Station is now open. It is located at the northeast corner of Queen Street and Yonge Street in a building called “The Maritime life tower”. It is very nice. The entrance from the station is located in the unpaid area next to the elevator to the underpass that takes you to the southbound platform and the Eaton Centre. To use the elevator, you must ether be disabled or be using a wheeled object that can’t be carried on a escalator or up a flight of stairs (i.e a stroller with a child in it).You have to press the intercom next to the elevator and tell the security guards that you are disabled or using a wheeled object with something in it (i.e a child or two or a lot of groceries that make it heavy). Otherwise you will have to use the stairs or escalator to get between street level and subway (Northbound platform). This is just to let you know. Thank you.

Raymond Lee