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Clarifying Service ChangesA few clarifications

Clarifying Service Changes

A few clarifications to the February 16th service changes post listed below:

Service to Pearson Airport has been altered, but not given a significant boost. The most significant change is the enhancement of night service. Effective February 16, every second 300 Bloor-Danforth Night bus diverts from its normal route to the west end of the city, runs up Highway 427 and serves terminals 2 and 3 of the airport. Regular service on 300 Bloor-Danforth Night is every fifteen minutes, which means that the 300A branch to the airport runs every thirty minutes. 300A Bloor-Danforth Night shares its looping around the airport with 307 Eglinton West Night, providing another transfer on the Night Bus network.

Service on the 192 Airport Rocket has been marginally increased, through the reduction of running times. Service which had been offered at 45 minute frequencies in the afternoon and early evening and 22 minutes, 30 seconds during the morning period is now offered at 40 minute intervals (20 minutes during the morning).

For more information on these changes, consult the flyers the TTC have released here and here.

The TTC has also announced the first round of streetcar diversions that will occur as a result of much needed track repairs to King Street. You can find this information here. No plans for the installation of private right-of-way, so we can assume that the King Transit Mall proposal is now dead. A pity. Let’s hope a similar opportunity isn’t lost on St. Clair Avenue.

Thanks to Mark Brader for this information and these corrections.