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Kudos and Praise for

Kudos and Praise for an organized evacuation

The TTC and its passengers earn high marks by yours truly for a truly impressive and orderly evacuation of the Yonge line on the morning of Tuesday, February 18. A report of a suspicious smell at King Stn. prompted a quick response to shut down the YONGE-UNIVERSITY-SPADINA line between Eglinton and Union Stns. Passengers were told that the line was being shut for security reasons. As a result, thousands of people left in a fairly quiet and orderly fashion with few complaints. The line was evacuated in very little time, showing the effeciency of the TTCs efforts to improve saftey precautions since the subway crash in 1995 and then subway fire in 1997. The line was shut down for just under an hour. It, perhaps, is a sign of the times, however, that passengers should cooperate with nary a complaint, due to the tense World situation, and also the unfortunate news of the disastrous fire in South Korea on a subway line. Torontonians kept their heads and their dignity. Bravo for a job well done.