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St. Clair LRT Builds Support

If you will remember from previous posts, in 2004, the TTC intends to rebuild most of the length of the St. Clair streetcar. For an extremely small amount of money, the TTC could upgrade the right-of-way, separating streetcars from competing automobile traffic, and restoring the centre reservation that existed on St. Clair up to the early 1930s. The proposal has stayed under the media radar, but is slowly moving forward in City Hall. The Rocket Riders transit advocacy group is holding a number of events in order to build support for the project.

Look for Rocket Rider representatives to be handing out flyers and getting petitions signed on the following dates:

  • Thursday June 19th at 7 AM, St. Clair & Dufferin (south side streetcar island)
  • Thursday June 19th at 4 PM St. Clair & Yonge (north side streetcar island, outside)
  • Friday June 20th at 7 AM St. Clair & Lansdowne (south side streetcar island)
  • Saturday June 21st 4 PM St. Clair & Yonge (north side streetcar island, outside)

Thanks to Andrew Spicer for bringing this to my attention.