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Your Help is Needed!

Remember Hurricane Hazel? Yeah, the REAL hurricane for Toronto. None of this Isabel hype. I’d like to share this email with you sent by a gentleman who needs your help with gathering some info:

Jim Gifford writes:

I am publishing a book on Hurricane Hazel next year, and I’m on the hunt for photographs. It hasn’t proven easy to find photographs, but then again it has been 50 years. I’m very curious to find out how the TTC handled the storm and wonder if any of your members has any photographs of buses or trains pushing through the storm. If so, I’d be very interested in looking at them. I’d also welcome people’s stories about the night of the storm.

What a great idea. I hope some of you can help. If you can direct him to any sources or if you have what he might be looking for, send Jim an email.