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TTC Riders Nickel and Dimed

Or, rather, dimed and quartered. That’s how much the commission has voted to increase fares in order to cover a $10 million operating shortfall.

The fare increase will take place on March 6. Cash fares will rise from $2.25 to $2.50, while the cost of ten tokens will rise by $1 to an even $20.

Despite cuts to the capital budget, this fare increase does mean service increases. As part of the budget, the TTC is pursuing its ridership growth strategy, albeit in reduced form. This year, the TTC will buy more buses, hire more drivers, and beef up service on key routes, especially in the suburbs.

The TTC is basing its budget expectations on the assumption that ridership will increase by two million this year, although councillor David Shiner predicts that the fare increase will drive riders away.

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