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The Return of Transit Toronto Trivia!

At long last, we have a trivia question for you (courtesy Mark Brader). Rather than have you search through the defunct trivia pages, our question will be part of this blog post. We’ll update it as soon as we get a correct answer. Have fun!

Question: Consider all the subway stations where there are two separate platforms for trains north and south, or east and west. As everyone knows, at every station except Dundas, these two platforms are connected by at least one public passage within the fare-paid area. Usually this passage passes above the tracks; sometimes, as at Keele, it’s below the tracks. But which stations have both?

That is, at which stations can you get from the platform for trains departing in one direction to the separate platform for trains departing in the opposite direction, by two different public routes within the fare-paid area, one passing above the tracks and another below?

Answer (added Wednesday, March 30): There are four stations on the network where it is possible to cross over and under the subway tracks to get to the other platform. One is on the Bloor-Danforth line, two are on the Yonge line and one is on the Sheppard line. The stations are:

For the Bloor-Danforth:

  • High Park: Cross under the tracks at the Parkview Gardens entrance (west end of the station) and over the tracks at the High Park entrance (east end of the station)

For Yonge:

  • Queen: Cross under the tracks through the Queen Street entrance (south end of the station) and cross over the tracks at the Shuter Street entrance (north end of the station)

  • Bloor: Cross over the tracks at Roy Square (south end of the station) and via the Hudson Bay entrance (north end of the station). Cross under the tracks using the Bloor-Danforth line platforms.

For Sheppard:

  • Sheppard-Yonge: Although the “westbound” platform is hardly used, you can cross under the tracks using the Yonge line platforms, and cross over the tracks using the passageway leading directly to the bus terminal (west end of the station)

We had a lot of people respond in short order, which was nice. David Cavlovic was the first to supply us with all four. Thanks to James Greenhalgh for catching an error.

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