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Mihevic Proposes Hop-off, Hop-on Transfer

The Globe and Mail reports that the commission overseeing the TTC is close to approving a ‘hop-off, hop-on’ transfer system for St.Clair as part of a pilot project. The special transfer policy would allow passengers boarding a St. Clair streetcar to step off and re-board another St. Clair streetcar at any time within two hours, without paying an additional fare. If the test is successful, and doesn’t harm the commission’s bottom line, Councillor Joe Mihevic proposes extending the policy throughout the city.

Waterloo Region’s Grand River Transit has had a 90-minute ‘hop-off, hop-on’ transfer policy in place for years. The policy has been very popular with riders. If individual route transfers were eliminated on the TTC and replaced with what would essentially be a two-hour pass, I’m confident that not only would such a policy be popular with riders, the TTC may save money on the cost of printing transfers.

The article talks about how Mihevic’s proposal is a “carrot” to the business associations who have opposed the proposal to put St. Clair’s streetcar tracks on private right-of-way. Unfortunately SCRIPT, the community association which supports the project, were not interviewed.

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