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Spring Forward

Monday is the first weekday in Daylight Savings Time. A Canadian study, published in the New England Journal of Medicine suggests that the springing forward may result in a 6-8% increase in accidents during the following day’s rush hour. Although subsequent studies cast doubt on this conclusion, it might not hurt to be aware that many drivers are operating on one less hour of sleep, and to leave a little extra time for your commute tomorrow.

Monday is also the start of the new phase of track reconstruction on Queen Street East. Our report on that is here, and the TTC’s official web page on the project is here.

Speaking of Queen, service was knocked out today because of a scaffolding accident at the construction site of the Opera House near University Avenue. Crews are working on the downed lines and service should be restored in time for Monday morning’s rush.

York region has released its game plan for service in the event of a TTC strike. Service to TTC subway stations will be cut back and service to GO stations added, if possible. TTC workers are in a legal strike position but have promised not to walk until at least Wednesday. Talks between union and management are continuing.

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