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So, You Want to Improve the TTC?

Two years ago, the TTC unveiled its Ridership Growth Strategy (PDF file) detailing a series of baby-steps that could improve service throughout the city and lower fares, getting commuters out of their cars and back onto the system. The secret to the strategy was no secret: governments had to spend more money to get more buses and streetcars onto the streets and to lower fares.

Today, the TTC unveiled a follow-up plan that puts some dollar figures to their ambitious ridership growth incentives. This article from the Toronto Star details what commissioners will discuss at their meeting (strike permitting) on Wednesday. Here’s a direct quote:

  • $19.1 million to improve peak and off-peak service.

  • $30 million to introduce surface rapid transit to six major avenues over 10 years.

  • $9.1 million to reduce the Metropass by $5

  • $20.2 million for fare reductions for all passengers.

  • $30.4 million for full service on all routes, including maximum wait times of 20 minutes.

  • $15 million to upgrade rapid transit on three more avenues.

  • $1.5 million to expand the Scarborough RT.

Do you want more vehicles on the Scarborough RT? Do you want lower fares? Do you want to wait no more than twenty minutes for a bus or streetcar? Do you want faster service on major arteries? Do you want continuous subway growth? Then contact your city councillor and your MPP and tell them to invest the $310M-a-year over and above the subsidy the TTC now receives to get the shovels into the ground and get service back up to where it should be.

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