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High Noon Strike Deadline Approaches

TTC management and its union continue to meet in a Richmond Hill hotel, working towards either a deal or a union-imposed deal deadline of noon today. The media blackout continues, so we have no idea how well negotiations are going, although the fact that they are continuing should be reason for optimism. Apparently, the TTC has made a new offer.

The Star reports that TTC commissioner Howard Moscoe has joined the talks this morning, raising hopes that a deal is imminent.

In the event of a strike at 4:00 a.m. on Monday, the City of Toronto will use emergency powers to ensure that traffic keeps moving. Bus-only lanes will become car-pool lanes and the City will ask that businesses stagger their hours so that rush-hour is extended and the traffic thinned out.

If you are looking to car pool and don’t have anyone to car pool with, check out Commuter Connections’ temporary website According to their press release:

In the event of the region-wide TTC Strike, Commuter Connections has set up a free, temporary, ridematching program to facilitate carpooling through their on-line program, Those Toronto commuters without transportation, as well as those who are able to provide transportation to a neighbour or co-worker, are welcome to register.

Commuter Connections (CC) is a non-profit organization committed to reducing air pollution and traffic congestion through the implementation and promotion of carpool programs. CC currently partners with 25 post-secondary instutitions across Canada (including York and Humber in Toronto) has been working with the City of Calgary since 2002.

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