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TTC Metropasses to Become Transferrable?

With prices pushing $100, the TTC knows that there seems to be very little incentive for riders to shell out for the system’s monthly passes. The Ridership Growth Strategy calls for a $5 reduction in the pass price, but until funds become available, such price relief remains in the future.

But what if instead of the Metropasses becoming cheaper, you were able to lend it out to friends, family members, even co-workers?

That could happen as early as this September, according to this report by the Toronto Sun. The TTC has already started to issue weekly passes which, unlike their monthly cousins, require no photo-id to use. So why not make the monthly passes transferable too?

The idea is not without cost. The TTC estimates that by allowing family members and friends to borrow your pass, the system could lose $1 million in revenue within the first four months of the program. Making up for this would be an increase in ridership, and an improvement in passenger/driver relations, suggest TTC sources. Others have suggested that the TTC could also save money from the cost of providing photo ID.

Note that systems are already in place to prevent a rider from swiping a Metropass through a turnstile and then just handing that pass over to someone else.

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