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Readers Say We're Taxed Enough?

Last week, I asked the following: “The TTC has unveiled a plan to raise ridership to 500 million passengers per year. At $310 million over and above the current subsidy, this is a substantial chunk of change. How should the TTC to get the money?” The options were:

  1. It should not. It should make do with what it has.
  2. Establish a city-wide transit levy or gas tax equivalent to $26.00 per month per household.
  3. Pressure the province raise gas taxes or income taxes equivalent to $5.60 per month per household.
  4. Pressure the federal government to refund $5 billion per year of the $23 billion per year that allegedly flows out of Ontario to the rest of Canada.

The results weren’t too surprising:

Fed refund:       75%,
 43 votes
Provincial taxes: 11%,  6 votes
No plan:           9%,  5 votes
City-wide levy     5%,  3 votes

There may have been a flaw in this poll, as the Fed option was the only option where the TTC got the money it required, without raising taxes. Otherwise, the options were: do nothing and choke, punch ourselves hard in the face or get some friends together and punch ourselves not so hard in the face. There should have been a federal option that talked about raising taxes for all of Canada, though it’s doubtful that this option would get much support either.

But the poll results do suggest that our readers (albeit, a limited sample with an obvious bias) support increased TTC funding, and that they support the TTC’s Ridership Growth Strategy.

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