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25th Anniversary of TTC's Metropass Prompts Media Blitz

The Toronto Sun broke this story earlier this week, but TTC officials have been only too happy to confirm reports that, this September, the TTC’s Metropasses will become transferrable. Metropass holders will soon be able to loan out their pass to family members, friends, even co-workers, so long as only one person uses it during the course of a trip. On Thursday, April 21, Mayor David Miller and TTC Chair Howard Moscoe will use the 25th anniversary of the introduction of the monthly Metropass to promote this good news to the hilt. And that won’t be all.

The Mayor and the TTC Chair will meet the press at 10:30 a.m. on Thursday on the northwest corner of Nathan Phillips Square. They will be standing in front of one of the TTC’s newest buses, a sample of the 800 that will follow between now and 2007. Service improvements will be announced, as will other fare initiatives to try to entice lost riders back onto the system again.

This kind of media blitz is rare for the TTC these days. It is likely that some of the push for good news is in response to the bad press raised over the strike threat earlier this month, but it also corresponds to suggestions from other quarters that the TTC needed to market itself better.

Here’s the reprint of the official Canadian Newswire release

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