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Welcome Metro Readers

If you are coming here from the transit alert feature in the Take Five section of today’s Metro, welcome.

If you visit this page, you will find a full list of items and alerts that might affect your commute in the days ahead. Most of this information is publicly available; it just hasn’t been gathered in one place. In some cases, we take information released by the City of Toronto on road disruptions and lane closures and extrapolate which TTC routes might be affected. We’ve also noted escalator and elevator outages, dates of upcoming transit-related meetings, and a few tips and hints that might make your travel easier. We hope this is of use to you.

Be warned that though we try to gather together all of the relevant information, situations in this city change rapidly, and some updates might not make it to us in time for us to get them to you in time for you to find them useful.

You can help us and your fellow readers get through their daily commute more easiliy by dropping us an e-mail with tips and suggestions that we can put on our complete alert page. Simply drop us a line at Your alert may even appear on a Monday Metro transit alert.

Whatever the case, we will do our best, and the information we do present should help you get where you’re going with a little less stress and bother.

If you like the new Transit Alert feature (a summary of the most pressing alerts found here) in each Monday’s Metro, then please let the good folks of Metro know, by e-mail or by mail. Their contact information is here. And if you don’t read Metro, why not pick up a copy as you’re on your way to work on the TTC?

Did You Know…

…that the TTC still employs blacksmiths? Who do you think made those switch irons that streetcar drivers use to change tracks? Details here in the Toronto Star

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