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Rita Says: Gas Up Now, or Take Public Transit

Canadians all remember the tremendous spike gas prices took in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. The perceived loss of numerous refining facilities, not to mention America’s largest port, coupled with gas shortages in the southern States, pushed gas well beyond the $1.00/L barrier it had just broken. Prices are coming down now that it has been revealed that the damage to the infrastructure, while catastrophic, isn’t as bad as was originally thought, but relief may be short lived as Hurricane Rita threatens the Texas coast.

From Bloomberg:

Sept. 21 (Bloomberg) — Crude oil and gasoline jumped as Hurricane Rita barreled toward the Texas coast, threatening the biggest concentration of U.S. refineries.

“The Houston area is ground zero of the refining industry,” said Rick Mueller, an analyst with Energy Security Analysis Inc. in Tilburg, the Netherlands. “If it suffers the scope of damage caused to refineries in Louisiana by Katrina we could see rationing and queues at the gas pump. This is something OPEC can’t do anything to remedy.”

Today is Car Free Day in Canada. I would suggest that participants not only leave their car home today, but tomorrow, and all through next week instead. Not only will the environment thank you for it, but so will your neighbours who can’t take public transit, not to mention your wallet.

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