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Prayers for Shot TTC Driver Recovering in Hospital

Our thoughts and prayers go to the TTC driver shot while on duty driving a bus up Morningside Avenue near Sewells Road. The Star has more details on this sad, shocking incident. While the driver is recovering, he has lost his left eye.

Given the attention this story has received, there is a temptation here to view public transit as being somewhat less than safe. There have even been individuals who have called for bullet proof glass to be installed in public transit vehicles, and for drivers to be separated from passengers. However, I would point out that, if a TTC driver can be shot, so can anybody else walking along the street beside the bus. So could a car driver passing alongside the bus. It isn’t specifically the safety of TTC drivers and riders that is at issue here; it’s the safety of everyone. To better protect TTC drivers, the whole issue of gun violence must be dealt with.

I personally don’t like the idea of walling off our public spaces, dividing TTC patrons from personnel. Once you start building up the walls, you reduce the quality of the public space. You scare away the decent people who make the public space good. It’s a variant of the old adage of, if you let yourself live in terror, then the terrorists will have won.

So our thoughts and prayers go not only to the driver recovering in hospital, but to all of the citizens of Toronto, and to everybody else in the world who feel in any way unsafe. Let us pray that the time comes soon when we will feel safe in our neighbourhoods again.

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