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2005 A Record Year for GTA Transit

Improved service, increased fuel costs and a booming economy are all credited for a series of shattered ridership records across the Greater Toronto Area. The Toronto Star has more details on the glowing numbers.

  • in Mississauga, 27.2 million riders represented a 7 per cent increase over 2004.
  • in Brampton, 9 million riders represented a 7 per cent increase
  • Durham had 6.7 million riders, or a 5 per cent increase
  • Burlington had 1.6 million riders, an increase of 100,000 over 2004
  • York Region was heading towards 15 million riders, an 11 per cent, although the last two months have not been tallied.
  • GO Transit could receive as many as 47 million riders for its current fiscal year, although we won’t know until March

A number of these agencies implemented significant service increases in 2005, including a 20% increase in service in Brampton, and the new VIVA service in York Region. For the TTC, which had 430 million riders in 2005, it was the new transferrable Metropass introduced last September which led to the biggest increase in ridership. The TTC carried 6 million more riders than it expected in 2005, and 12 million more than it carried in 2004.

Councillor Joe Mihevc hopes that ridership increases will continue into 2006. The TTC is preparing for this, having obtained 100 new buses. It will also finally start work, we hope, on the St. Clair private right-of-way project and the York University busway. But challenges remain. Despite the increase in ridership, the TTC still faces a series shortfall, and must compete with other city services during this year’s impending budget debate.