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Who Rides 33 Forest Hill?

About 750 individuals per day, actually (or, more accurately, 750 fares and possibly just 400 individuals). Though it is one of 62 “poor performing routes”, transit advocates like Steve Munro recommend raising fares rather than cutting these services, as this Globe and Mail article reports. From the article:

And the route’s 195,000 annual fares would be bus-less. While the 33 Forest Hill’s ridership — 750 fares a day — pales in comparison with the 501 Queen streetcar’s more than 40,000 daily fares, the bus remains a desired service for people in the area, no matter how few ride it.

“Would the world end if we cut the Forest Hill route? No,” TTC vice-chair Adam Giambrone says. “Depending on service levels, you can take a bus off, and that deals with overcrowding issues [elsewhere]. At the same time, you can’t reduce a bus route to less than one bus.”

The Toronto Star seems to be on about a rising tide of rudeness afflicting Torontonians, if these reports are any indication. While there are plenty of rude people out there, Spacing Magazine’s Matthew Blackett takes the Star to task for its generalizations:

I will admit that this article didn’t sit with me well since I regularly see people give up their seats to the elderly, pregnant women, women with kids…. I’m sure the people the writer interviewed had very valid complaints, but the generalization irks me.

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