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The TTC and Google

Crossposted from Spacing Wire.

As Spacing posted back on December 8th, 2005, the TTC is hoping to get our system into the Google Transit feature. From the Star:

Google has asked the TTC for station, stop, schedule and route data to create a trip planner so commuters could input origin and destination points to get the shortest or fastest routes. Google is running a pilot project with Portland (Ore.) Transit. The TTC had looked into doing its own for about $2 million. There are no cost estimates or time frame for the Google deal….

TTC chair Howard Moscoe is not so sure he wants to wait, saying it’s too good an idea. “It looks to me like the costs are minimal,” he said. “I think we should bring it about rather than wait for the staff to develop all of their systems, because it can happen very quickly.”

This is an exciting development, but Spacing wishes that the TTC would get its own act together and overhaul its more-than-awful web site Like its bus stop timetables, is very hard to navigate or understand. To properly describe it, I will use professional graphic design language: it looks like a dog’s breakfast. People like me who use the TTC often (as well as the site) are not turned off by such small matters, but the fringe transit rider, who is trying to figure out how to get from Rexdale in the west to Guildwood in the east, may be easily discouraged by this lack of usability (and dare we say professionalism).

Its too bad the TTC is located in a city that doesn’t have any good web designers. Oh wait….

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