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Get deals with your Metropass

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Tomorrow may bring another TTC fare hike, but you can win some of that money back by using your Metropass to bring you discounts. How? Just show your Metropass at places like Grass Roots on the Danforth and on Bloor, or Eco Cleaners up on Mount Pleasant, and you’ll receive a discount. The Metropass Affinity Program (MAP) is an initiative of the Ontario Chapter of the Sierra Club of Canada and Car Free Day.

MAP believes that we can vastly increase transit usage by rewarding people for a good action (choosing transit over private automobile), rather than punishing people for a bad action (choosing their car over transit). In addition, we can do this by helping Toronto business. A healthy business environment equals a healthy Toronto.

Participating businesses give discounts/incentives to anyone that shows a current Metropass. It gives people more incentive to buy a Metropass, knowing that they’ll get discounts at stores and businesses — although the purchase price of a Metropass wouldn’t change, the “real cost” does… since people will save money they wouldn’t otherwise.

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