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Will the GTTA really help?

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From the Star today: “Will the Greater Toronto Transportation Authority soar like an eagle, or will it be a turkey? That question was posed by Glen Grunwald, president of the Toronto Board of Trade, back in March when the province reconfirmed its commitment to creating a Greater Toronto Transportation Authority. Yesterday, as the GTTA was hatching, it was far too early to tell if this bird will fly.”

Ed Drass of the Metro transit paper examines the transit HUB opening today at the CNE. “The reasons people buy cars is the perception that other options are less convenient. How about making it easier to use a combination of transit, taxis, bicycles and short-term car rentals? The move toward one-stop shopping for commuters has already begun in Europe, and now Toronto is home to its first such transportation ‘hub.’ Nestled between Exhibition Place and the innovative Liberty Village neighbourhood, a single location brings together multiple transport options. The City of Toronto, with assistance from Transport Canada, will officially unveil its first ‘New Mobility HUB’ this morning. The idea is to fill the gaps in urban travel.”

photo from Rail Pictures

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