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TTC Operating Normally

There were no picket lines and all workers reported to work as scheduled. TTC service is operating normally this morning, and should continue to operate normally for the foreseeable future. The Toronto Star has the full story, as well as an assessment of the events on Sunday that may have sparked the wildcat strike,

The political fallout from this illegal job action will take a while to sort itself out, and the core disputes between union and management continue to simmer. The issues which sparked this strike include driver safety and shift scheduling. Early this morning, after service resumed, a driver on the St. Clair West night bus was hit on the head with a metal pipe during a fare dispute.

Metropass users, at least, will receive some compensation for their inconvenience. Effective Monday, June 5, passengers can hand in their May Metropasses (all passes, including adult, student and senior) for a $4 refund at any TTC collector’s booth. The TTC notes that 210,000 passes were issued this month.

(Update: 10:50): As always, Steve Munro has a sage assessment of what happened, and what the political costs will be.

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