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Local Media Hypes Strike Possibility

CTV Toronto is reporting that another wildcat strike is possible, as talks between the TTC union and its management have stalled. However, the media report may be blowing the possibility out of proportion.

The only thing that has been confirmed is that talks between the union and TTC management to iron out differences regarding shift scheduling and driver safety have ground to a halt, but union president Bob Kinnear is not sanctioning strike action. Such action would be illegal and could possibly draw a stronger and swifter response from the Ontario Labour Board this time around.

Here are the relevant paragraphs buried midway through the CTV report:

While he’s careful to say the union is not threatening any action, President Bob Kinnear said the workers are still feeling frustrated.

“I can tell you that there’s a lot of frustration out there among the employees and it’s building, and Mr. Webster is aware of it,” Kinnear said Wednesday.

Asked if TTC workers could once again walk off the job, he responded “it’s always a possibility.”

That last line strikes me as a case of Mr. Kinnear playing with the reporter’s mind.

Whatever the case, we will keep an eye on this story and alert you to any developments as they appear.

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