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Are You a Member of the Every Station Club?

Craig James White is, and has a slideshow to prove it. This is one of the best and most complete collections of subway station photography that I’ve seen. One of these days, we at Transit Toronto would like to do a series of articles covering the history and architectural features of every station on the network. Some of these articles would be short; some (like Spadina — think about it) would be extensive. All, we hope, would feature a number of Craig’s photographs.

He’s not the only one to visit every single subway station. Onshi is working towards his goal, and is running a blog offering transfers as proof. I remember doing something similar over the course of two weekends, collecting transfers from every subway station on all three RT lines. Back in the day, they had those stamp imprint transfers machines, that issued long slips of paper with a satisfying “thunk-chunk!” rather than the meager laser-printed strips that the current machines offer. My search was also enhanced by the presence of “secondary exit” transfers such as “Sherbourne-Glen Road” or “Sheppard-Poyntz”. To this day, I’m not sure if I found all of these special transfers, and any theory we have on the reasons behind the existence of these special transfers are just that: theories — and they don’t consistently apply throughout the system. They may be a subject of a Transit Toronto article, however.

Bryan, on the other hand, offers video evidence. His blog, The Twelve Hour Commute hosts a video documentary with the same name, depicting his and his fiancee’s attempt to visit “all 64 subway stations” on the TTC’s rapid transit network. Going on a Sunday (when trains travel at five minute frequencies) and following the rule that they had to leave and re-enter each station, the documentary becomes an endurance test — and I almost don’t want to tell them that they missed the five stations on the Scarborough RT.

The Torontoist has also covered other people’s attempts to join the every station club.

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