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Seating changed on new subways & MTV Canada promo

Cross-posted to the Spacing Wire

Just the other day I posted a video of a Berlin subway car which is very similar to the model the TTC is looking to buy. A commenter on the Spacing Wire noted that the seat arrangement on the new cars would still be like the formation we currently have, but now the TTC is once again considering perimeter seating for safety reasons. Here’s the Globe and Mail article.

This video is an MTV Canada promotion using the TTC’s streetcar as a prop. I’m torn about whether this is something I should laugh off or be offended by. I do have a sense of humour, but with the bad rap the TTC has fostered lately, a lot of people would like to see this actually happen. I wish they used a Hummer instead.

I’m sure MTV received permission to do this — but knowing the TTC’s reaction to negative publicity (see the anagram map fiasco) I’m surprised this clip is even on the air. Feel free to tell me I’m being uptight.