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Weston Residents Demand Improved Transit Vehicles, Route Change

Crossposted to Spacing’s Wire:

A community group based out of Weston, called ACORN (Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now) are holding a public meeting at the Weston Public Library (2 King Street in Weston) at 7:00 p.m. tomorrow to organize a campaign to improve public transit along Weston Road.

The group’s main complaint seems to be the use of old TTC buses, especially rebuilt fishbowls, along the 89 Weston route. They are demanding that newer buses be used instead, and the route made fully accessible.

With the Weston population including a high proportion of young families, disabled and elderly, the 89 bus route falls far short of necessary service levels. Currently the buses used are not air-conditioned, uncomfortable to ride and most importantly not disabled friendly, making it difficult for young mothers and physically challenged residents to access the service.

The group also wants 89 Weston service extended north from Albion Road to Steeles Avenue, replacing the 165 Weston Road North service that currently runs south from Steeles and east along Wilson to Wilson and York Mills stations.

Personally, I do not understand why this group is so vocal and angry all of a sudden. The entire TTC fleet is in an ongoing process of replacement, and it is only a matter of time before newer, accessible buses are added to Weston Road. As for the demand for through service to Steeles, the TTC will have to examine the proposal, but while the current set-up is a hold-over of the time when trolley buses went up to Wilson and no further, requiring buses on a Wilson branch to serve the area further north, I recall that previous examination of this proposal suggests that passengers on Weston Road north of Wilson are more likely to want to head to the subway at Wilson than take the long way down to the subway at Keele.

But it is also possible that the battered community of Weston, which exploded when it looked like the Blue 22 airport connector was going to plough through their neighbourhood and close rail crossings without so much as a by-your-leave, may have reached the limits of what they can take, and are now flexing their newfound muscles as a rising, activist community. Time will tell, and anybody interested in hearing the points raised by this group, and perhaps helping out in this campaign are invited to attend this public meeting tomorrow.

For further information, contact:

Toronto ACORN Field Organizer Terence Rattray - 613-882-2477/416-461-9233

ACORN member Nancy Demoors - 416 461 9233

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