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Planned Diversions Do Not Take Place

Readers are reporting that the anticipated diversions around pedestrian crossover work at the St. Clair/Bathurst intersection did not take place, because the work was delayed. The cancellation occurred after the TTC put up signs announcing the diversion, and no announcement of the cancellation was made. Diversions are now expected for this weekend and the one following.

The St. Clair right-of-way construction, that was initially conceived as a $17 million upgrade on a track replacement program that was already budgeted for, has transformed into a mess for local residents as a number of interests, from the Toronto Roads department and Toronto Hydro, both add elements and expenses to the project, and then complicate matters by failing to coordinate their activities to limit the length and impact of the construction work. A number of news agencies are taking notice of the lengthy work that should have been completed this year.

Some of the delay was due to the judicial intervention of groups like Save Our St.Clair forcing key tenders to be rescheduled and renegotiated, but with the latest problem being Toronto Hydro’s plan to rip up the sidewalks a year after the TTC replaces them, one cannot blame local residents for feeling beleaguered.

Transit activist Steve Munro expresses his own frustration over how St. Clair is being handled. It is clear that St. Clair is turning into a lesson of the need for the city to better plan out its projects, intentions aside, to actually achieve what the official plans set out to accomplish in the first place.

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