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Blessed are the Dreamers

As I said in yesterday’s commentary, while I endorsed David Miller, I still give Jane Pitfield credit for daring to dream. Regardless of how feasible (or not) her proposal to build 2km of new subways per year, it did catch the imagination of some voters, even me.

With that in mind, it’s worth noting a few other candidates running in this election who are bringing their own transit dreams to the fore. First up is Nick Boragina, running for city councillor in Ward 19, who proposes a series of heavy-duty LRT lines, including one beneath Eglinton Avenue, curving south down Yonge to provide relief to the subway line above. His website lists his plan in detail.

The other dreamer is Paul Grant, who isn’t running for office, but who did put up a nice, interactive fantasy subway map. His plan received an endorsement from mayoralty candidate Stephen LeDrew, who complimented Paul on his vision and said he wouldn’t change a thing.

There is a place for pragmatism in politics — a big place. But I have to admit that the world would be a lot worse off if we didn’t dare to dream.

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