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TTC introduces six more accessible bus routes

This Sunday, February 18, the Toronto Transit Commission will introduce six more accessible bus routes. The 12 Kingston Road, 22 Coxwell, 41 Keele, 120 Calvington, 135 Gerrard and 320 Yonge Blue Night bus routes will be wheelchair-and scooter-friendly.

Low-floor, kneeling buses with a flip-ramp or lift will serve the six routes. Passengers can identify these buses by blue lights on either side of the front destination sign, and the blue international wheelchair symbol above the front right bumper beside the entrance door.

All fully accessible buses include two wheelchair / scooter positions. The TTC now has 1,000 accessible buses in its fleet. Its 1000th accessible bus entered service on February 2.

In 2007, it expects to receive 320 more accessible buses from manufacturers. These buses include 100 “Ridership Growth Strategy” buses to increase the size of the fleet and reduce peak-period crowding on major routes and 220 buses to replace aging vehicles.

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