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Organized Chaos

We’ve been hearing reports from various railfans testing out the Bloor-Danforth diversions and it seems that everything we suspected would happen, happened. There was confusion, chaos, and a lot of hard work from TTC personnel to keep everything managed. Passengers learned to adjust to the changes, and most people seem happy.

Unexpected disruptions included problems to the signal system which made for lengthy delays on the University line, and a decision to curtail the diversion for two hours starting around 4:30 p.m., substituting shuttle buses between Broadview and Ossington until problems could be worked out. The lengthier headways required to accommodate the mess of trains running between Museum and Osgoode produced crowds throughout the system and on all trains, but passengers seemed to take everything in stride, and for many, the chance to see the fabled Lower Bay station made up for it.

Adam Giambrone was interviewed by the local media earlier this afternoon, noting that work on the tunnel is proceeding well, and these diversions may come to a close earlier than expected. Overall, the TTC’s management of the media aspect of this diversion has been very good. What would normally have been a story about passenger disruption has instead been turned into an event, landing the Commission considerable positive attention just as it looks toward a major capital investment.

Hopefully, the first day will allow the TTC to iron out the kinks, and things will go more smoothly for the second, but the TTC still impressed many individuals with how well their personnel managed the crowds at Museum station, making sure everybody got to where they were going with as little disruption as possible. So, hats off to all involved, for minimizing disruption, and adding some fun to Torontonians’ commutes.