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DRT revises services to augment GO service

Durham Region Transit is revising its services to augment or replace train services that GO Transit has delayed or cancelled on the Lakeshore East line. A freight train derailment and severe winter weather is disrupting GO services.

DRT originally dispatched buses to augment GO shuttle bus services between Pickering and Oshawa. DRT reports that GO has now restored train service on one track and GO trains are now serving Ajax Station in both directions. GO trains have slowed to 25 kph around the derailment site and this slower speed is delaying GO train arrivals.

DRT is now running shuttle buses between Ajax and Oshawa. It has assigned additional buses to assist passengers leaving Oshawa Station and is also delaying the departure of its buses at Whitby Station to accommodate passengers arriving on the shuttle buses from Ajax Station.

GO Transit has now cancelled two additional train trips: the 1720 (6:20 p.m.) trip from Union Station to Stouffville and the 1702 (6:02 p.m.) trip from Union Station to Hamilton.