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TTC Addresses Cleanliness Issues at Stations?

AM640 Toronto is running a report stating that the Toronto Transit Commission’s record of cleanliness at its subway stations is improving, although the commission still has some way to go before returning to the cleanliness that commuters may remember in days of yore.

According to the TTC’s report:

Of the 69 stations in the system, 23 have been deemed to be in a “good” state of cleanliness.

And while that is a long way from a system-wide rating of ‘good’, the report argues that it is still an improvement:

Two years ago, only one station was rated “good.”

The goal is to have every station posting a “good” rating by the end of the year.

The cynics among us may scoff at what they see as the TTC’s acknowledgement of the obvious, and they may even question the TTC’s rating system, but the fact that the TTC has acknowledged the problem in writing and set a goal for itself, gives this author som hope at least for some improvements. It gives us something to hold the TTC to.

(Further reading from The Toronto Star)

So, what is your opinion? Is the cleanliness of Toronto’s subway stations improving? What are your nominations for the dirtiest stations? Join the discussion at Spacing’s Wire.