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Streetcar Service Abruptly Ends on Fleet Street

Our readers are reporting that Fleet Street has been closed to streetcar service after a derailment caused a portion of the track to break. Shuttle buses are operating between the Exhibition and the Queens Quay/Spadina intersection and 511 Bathurst and 509 Harbourfront streetcars are avoiding the location. It’s possible that the two routes have been interlined and are operating direct service between Bathurst and Union stations, although another possibility is that 509 Harbourfront cars are operating north on Bathurst to Wolseley loop north of Queen and 511 Bathurst cars are operating west on Queens Quay to Queens Quay and Spadina.

Fleet Street’s tracks have been in extremely poor condition for some time, after needed trackwork was delayed last year due to scheduling conflicts with Toronto Hydro. Streetcars had been reduced to walking speed, and Fleet Loop had been taken out of service, with the track switches temporarily removed. Work is scheduled to replace Fleet Street’s tracks, including new private right-of-way between Bathurst Street and Fort York Boulevard, starting in May. There is some speculation that the tracks will be simply taken offline now, with work starting earlier.

We will keep you posted as more details materialize.

(Update: Wednesday, 9:24 a.m.): Service on Fleet Street still has not resumed, even though the affected CLRV (4027) has been removed from the site. 509 Harbourfront cars are operating north on Bathurst to turn back at Wolseley Loop, while 511 Bathurst cars are operating east on Queens Quay to turn back at Queens Quay and Spadina. Shuttle buses are operating between Queens Quay and Spadina and Exhibition Loop.

The site of the derailment was near Fleet Loop, despite it being taken offline and having the switches removed. The fact that the derailment occurred over special work complicates matters. Reports suggest that the TTC will be operating a test car over the site this afternoon. Stay tuned for more details.